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About us

About us

Four years ago at the ripe age of 58, I took a DNA test and had my world turned upside down. I grew up thinking Dad was, well Dad and that I was from Puerto Rico like the rest of the family. The reality was that Mom had an affair that was kept secret from me and my biological Dad was actually a guy from the mid-west with his roots in Ireland. Talk about an identity shock. Fast forward a few years and now I have a great relationship with 5 new siblings and their families. The journey from there to here has been fascinating as I had to work through my own feelings and deal with both my old and new families. This community is a chance to connect with others who find themselves with changes to their family due to a DNA test.

I started a side hustle to earn some money while I transitioned into retirement and it has turned into a full-time endeavor. A benefit of that though is that I have the resources to start a community such as this that will grow and be a resource to many in time. Feel free to join us as we get started on this journey.

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